The horror movies of my childhood



I’ve created a music playlist of the horror movies I saw when I was a child.
After having selected one music for each movie and compiled them on an audio tape, I’ve designed a packaging for it that looks like an old police file, containing one record sheet per movie about the case, the killer and the victims. You can see pictures of the packaging and listen to the playlist below.

photos photos photos photos

Track list

  1. 1. Psycho - Main theme
  2. 2. Candyman - ‘It was always you, Helen’
  3. 3. Nightmare on Elm Street - Prologue
  4. 4. Halloween - Main theme
  5. 5. The Ring - The well
  6. 6. Poltergeist - The calling
  7. 7. Scream - Chasing Sidney
  8. 8. Gremlins - The Gremlin rag
  9. 9. Hellraiser - Main theme
  10. 10. House on Haunted Hill - Struggling to escape
  11. 11. The silence of the lambs - Main title
  12. 12. Friday the 13th - Main theme
  13. 13. The Blair Witch project - Credits theme

Making of


The horror movies of my childhood was a school project. The teacher asks us to record a music playlist on an out-of-date medium and to design an original packaging for it.

Mixing the horror movies with the audio tape and the police file came quickly to my mind. As most of the movies take place in the 80/90’s, it seems very suitable to me. An audio tape is quite hard to find nowadays but my grandmother saved me: she lent me her old audio recorder and the appropriate tape.

Then I started to work on the police file. The idea was to create one sheet per horror movie. The sheet had to be filled in with all sorts of information about the movie: like the plot, the killer, the victims, etc... and in order to gather all the information, I had to watch all the movies again. That was quite an enjoyable moment but it was veeery long. Then I designed all the police pages in Illustrator and I finally printed them.

So, I had the audio tape, the file and all the sheets but it looked too clean. In order to give the result a more authentic aspect, I put every page in the water and I added some tea bags: the sheets became yellow and dirty. Then I tore them and I finally left some coffee circles. In the end, we could believe that the packaging had been found in a archives room in an old police station.

photos of the making of