This moment.

Turn a moment of your life
into a unique story.

Every moment is a story.

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‘This moment’ is a publishing platform allowing you to create and share a story of a moment of your life: a travel, an adventure, a passion or a simple instant of it, the only thing that trully matter is that this moment is special for you.
And the best part is that you only need your pen and your photos to make it live.

Stories are about pace and structure.

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‘This moment’ focus on people and their personal stories by providing tools allowing them to make pace within their story. With the sequences you have the possibility to create a place to place or a day to day story and give importance to the moments you care the most.

Creating visual stories should also be visual.

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The time of heavy wordpress-like editing interface is gone. With ‘This moment’ you're seeing the final result at every moment and you can easily go to the point with a few clicks or taps. Choose your bests photos, tell us about what you saw and how you felt, thats it, you’re done!